Production Chronology, “Karski”

2010, May 20—“Karski” – New York City
The Kosciuszko Foundation, The American Center of Polish Culture, on East 65th Street, presents a one-evening performance of “Karski.” Audience reaction is intense and strongly positive. Most of the six-person cast that had performed in Massachusetts travels to New York for this performance. Mark S. Cartier replaces Michael G. Dell’Orto; Susan Nest replaces Cha Cha Connor.

2010, April 25—“Karski” – Elms College, Chicopee, MA
The Worcester cast performs “Karski” at Elms College as part of their 2010-2011 Mary A. Dooley Lecture Series. There is a post-show panel discussion.

2010, April 14, 15—“Karski” – U.S. Premiere
Returning to the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre, “Karski” has its U.S. premiere with Lewis D. Wheeler appearing in the title role of Polish resistance hero, Jan Karski. Other cast members: Cha Cha Connor, John Davin, Michael G. Dell’Orto, Barbara Guertin, and Dawn Tucker.

2009, August 21—“Karski” – International Premiere
Following rehearsals in Hamburg and at Kreisau/Krzyzowa, “Karski” is presented, in English, at the Lutheran Church in Wroclaw, Poland, with support from the Freya von Moltke Foundation for the New Kreisau. The six-member cast includes most of the actors who had also performed in the prior two years in “A Journey to Kreisau.” Marc and Susan Smith travel to Germany and Poland for the performances of both “Karski” and “A Journey to Kreisau” (in Kracow). See information flyer (pdf).

2009, April 20, 21, 22—“Karski” – Worcester
With support from MassHumanities, the Worcester Cultural Commission, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the U.S. preview performances of “Karski” are presented at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre. The opening performance includes a post-show panel discussion with Boston College history professor Devin Pendas, Clark University doctoral student Jody Russell Manning, Honorary Polish Consul Marek Lesniewski-Laas, and playwright Marc P. Smith. See information flyer (pdf).



For Production Rights

For inquiries regarding rights to produce either A Journey to Kreisau or Karski, please e-mail Susan L. Smith.

***Please note:

From the playwright: Both plays were specifically written to be presented in the format of staged readings. Actors are at music stands or lecterns, with scripts in front of them. They are dressed in street clothes, and there are no sets, props, special lighting effects or sound effects. Lights may be focused on one, several, or all the actors, as per the director. Actors may sit, stand, or move about as per the director. It is up to the words of the script and to the actors to create in the minds of the audience the visualization of the characters and events of the times.

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