Tribute To Freya Von Moltke

Marc & Susan Smith, at Tribute to Freya von Moltke, January 23, 2011; photo credit: Stuart Dickson

On January 23, Marc was a participant in a Tribute to Freya von Moltke, held at the Goethe Institut-Boston. Freya died on New Year’s Day 2010 at the age of 98 in her home in Vermont. At the center of this tribute event was the premier showing of a new documentary film about Freya, made by Boston College professor Rachel Freudenburg. Marc was a speaker at that event, presenting his personal perspective on his friendship with Freya.

Critical Comment on Marc Smith’s talks on German resistance to the Nazis

“Focusing on the von Moltke family,…(and) showing that there was resistance, Marc Smith not only provided a fuller picture (of the Holocaust), he was able to create an important legacy to German youth: it is not necessary to follow; it is, actually, necessary to stand up for that which is right. I emphasize German youth, because there were about half a dozen German M.A. students in the audience, and they were clearly moved….That, I think, is quite an achievement in and of itself.” SunHee Kim Gertz, Prof., Director of Graduate Studies in English, Clark University

“The students responded very positively to Marc’s personal approach. His personal investment in history was, I believe, something of a revelation to them. For them to see that history does matter, and that how history is told is of great importance…was magical.” Rachel Freudenburg, Assoc. Prof., German Studies, Boston College

“It was truly amazing to hear Marc talk about his metamorphosis from being a youth taught to hate and fear Germany and the German people to an adult who actively participates in German/Jewish reconciliation. The time for reconciliation is overdue and we can’t wait to see the production of ‘A Journey to Kreisau.’” David G. Brother, Adult Programming, Congregation Shalom, N. Chelmsford, MA

“One of the largest audiences ever to attend a Friends of the Hopedale Library event was enthralled by Marc’s talk of the series of events that swept him into an international group working for German-Jewish reconciliation.” Glenn Ickler, Board member, Hopedale