Excerpted Comments, “Karski”

“Riveting…Marc P. Smith is a man with a moral artistic purpose. Smith’s method of bringing Karski’s story to life (brings) an edifying gravitas and import to the subject matter…It’s an important work of great, indisputable virtue.” Telegram & Gazette

“’Karski’ is simply extraordinary—moving, informative, of course unsettling, with valuable insights and reflections on the horrors of World War Two…Your play helps to recover memory and challenges us to reflect on the present. I hope many others have the opportunity to see it” Michael True, (Professor Emeritus, Assumption College)

“Marc Smith was a gifted story-teller and his gift is evident in his powerful play about Jan Karski. His play is important because Jan Karski’s story must be told and retold so that we may resolve not only the remnants of the conflicts of the past, but perhaps more importantly, clearly demonstrate that individuals are not helpless in the face of evil.  Strong, principled persons can and do stand up to evil and thus make the world safer for us all.  Marc Smith, through his moving play, reminded us of this truth and inspired us to act.” Marek Lesniewski-Laas, (Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, for New England)

“There are many ways to present the little-known story of incredible individual courage in perilous times. Film, biography, painting, lectures—but to this list should be added theater. Reading Marc Smith’s play about Jan Karski is a powerful experience. I am confident that performers and audiences alike will be transformed by presenting and watching “Karski” on stage. I encourage actors at schools and community theaters to tackle this powerful material.” Wanda Urbanska, (former president, Jan Karski Educational Foundation) 

’Karski’ is a superbly written piece and marvelously presented. This is a very important story with an important message for all time. The clarity of language and the fascinating story line make this a powerful theatre work.” Howard Jacobson, (retired business executive, philanthropist)

 “I wanted to express how powerfully your production of ‘Karski’ affected me at last night’s performance, so much so that I was unable to congratulate you in person. Kudos to you and the terrific job the cast did in portraying the emotional and physical trauma of a time in our history that cannot and should not be forgotten.” Sharon Latka Davis, (free-lance journalist, retired)

“Even though I knew Karski’s story well, to hear it presented succinctly, with fervor, tore at my heart! It was a powerful performance.” Carolyn Topor, (President, The Kosciuszko Foundation, New England Chapter)

“This somewhat neglected hero finally has come alive in the theater; Marc Smith’s play provided an exceptional vehicle through which to experience Jan Karski and the horrors of the time and the world in which he lived. The play gives insights into the man as well as the work he set out to do. This is an amazing, somber, meaningful and moving play that I hope will reach those who need to know more about Jan Karski.” Rosian Zerner, (former vice-president, World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust)

“Marc P. Smith’s newest play ‘Karski’ …was an excellent and deeply moving presentation of a real story of one of the heroes of the anti-Nazi underground movement during the second world war in Poland. Several years ago I had met Professor Karski and talked with him extensively about his underground activities. I truly feel that Smith did an excellent job portraying Jan Karski.” Malgorzata Z. Pfabe, (Sophia Smith Professor of Physics, Smith College)

“Polish-Jewish relations are a core component of Poland’s history in the twentieth century, which makes the story of Karski’s fortitude so particularly compelling. Marc’s play focuses on courage and resistance to injustice, terror, and inhumanity during a time of war. The immediacy of theatre as a way of retrieving memory and conveying testimony helps bring this powerful history to more varied segments of the population. Marc Smith’s ‘Karski’ has achieved its goal.” Jody Russell Manning, (doctoral student at Clark University’s Strassler Center for Holocaust Studies)

“Both the content and the presentation of the play were powerfully effective.  The ambience of the Hibernian Centre also reminded me of places where I heard programs in Warsaw in 1989, before the change in the Polish government. My one genuine regret was that there was not another performance to which I could bring other friends.” Rev. Robert Carroll Walter

I read “Karski” and just had to tell you…elegantly powerful and starkly beautiful. The staging is brilliant and I imagine that the audience hangs on every word. Marc Smith’s final work is a stunning legacy indeed. Bravo…  Jodie Lynn Boduch, (President, Much Ado Marketing)

“My grandmother always told stories about our family’s experience in the war, so ‘Karski’ piqued my interest.  The actors and actresses were absolutely amazing; they conveyed such emotion and were so convincing.  They made it possible for me to envision what it might have looked like. Sarah Shugrue, (Americorps VISTA in the Donelan Office of Community Based Learning at College of the Holy Cross).

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