After their retirement in 1999 from their 25-year leadership of Worcester Foothills Theatre, Marc P. and Susan L. Smith began a new company, Blue Pumpkin Productions. They produced a variety of entertainment-related projects, presenting several versions of cabaret and vaudeville revues in venues throughout Massachusetts. Since 2002, an additional primary creative mission has been pursuit of reconciliation between Germans, Jews, and Poles, and transmission of memory via the arts. Central to this mission, called The Kreisau Project, are two plays written by Marc P. Smith, A Journey to Kreisau and Karski, both of which have been performed in U.S. cities, and in cities in Germany and Poland. Though Blue Pumpkin Productions is no longer an active corporation, The Kreisau Project actively pursues educational and performance opportunities for these two plays in the U.S. and around the world as a continuation of Marc’s legacy.

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