Letter of Agreement

Agreement Letter–Classroom Study Use of Two Scripts

This agreement is made on ________, 2017 by and between Susan L. Smith (the “Owner”) and the classroom teacher named below (the “Classroom Teacher.”)

Facing History and Ourselves, headquartered in Brookline, MA, USA, has requested permission for access to the script of “A Journey to Kreisau” and/or “Karski” (each, a “Work” and collectively, the “Works”) by the teachers in its network.

The Owner, having all right, title and interest in the Works, will allow the requested scripts to be made available to the Classroom Teacher for classroom study use in 2017, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

The parties agree as follows:

  1. No fee will be charged by the Owner for the classroom study use of the Works.
  2. The Classroom Teacher agrees he/she will not make or permit to be made any addition, omission, and/or alteration to the Works (including title, dialogue, and stage directions) without the prior written consent of the Owner. Any derivative work made which is acceptable to the Owner shall be the property of the Owner, and the creator of the derivative work will transfer all copyrights to the Owner in exchange for access to the Works. If a derivative work is not acceptable to the Owner, no permission is granted for its use.
  3. This agreement letter relates to use of the Works for classroom study only. The Classroom Teacher understands that any live performances require separate permission from the Owner.

The undersigned agree to the terms of this Agreement:

_____________________________________      (date)_____________________

Susan L. Smith,
as owner of the copyrights of
Marc P. Smith, playwright.


___________________________________      ______________________________

Classroom Teacher’s Signature                      Classroom Teacher’s Printed Name

Date ______________________

E-mail: SusanLSmithPR (at) gmail.com
Please indicate which script(s) you are requesting:

Website: www.thekreisauproject.com “A Journey to Kreisau” ____ “Karski” ____


Please print this form, fill in the date, teacher’s name and signature; indicate which script(s) you’re requesting. Then scan form and e-mail back to SusanLSmithPR (at) gmail.com. Copyright owner will sign form and return a copy of the form and requested script(s) via e-mail.

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